Citron Gallery Welcomes Dorothy Ganek

An abstract artist from Orange, NJ

Citron Gallery is excited to welcome Dorothy Ganek to our gallery of artists. Her compositions are asymmetrical with bold color and line as major components. She begins painting spontaneously, letting her intuition guide her to the next step, developing and refining until the work is finished. Ganek makes signature marks with a variety of crayons, graphite and charcoal to initialize her surface before adding color.

Collage elements, found papers or papers created by the artist are often added. “Robert Rauschenberg’s collages are a tremendous inspiration to me as well as Matisse’s color and the use of black as an element. Picasso’s abstracted objects have influenced how I simplify shapes in my work”, says the artist. Weaving shapes and textures from nature and everyday life, combined with imagination and childhood memories of her beloved Greece, Dorothy tells her visual story. She finds time to maintain a beautiful garden and be creative in the kitchen that she considers to be another art form. Her imagery has been described as lyrical and poetic, conveying mysterious organic forms and surfaces.


“I give myself permission to break all the rules while I’m painting and I constantly remind myself to enjoy the process”. ~ Dorothy Ganek

July 20, 2022