Citron Gallery Welcomes Lauren Betty

A contemporary mixed media artist based in Georgia

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Betty spent her early childhood riding horses and cultivating a love of nature in and around the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. At a young age she developed an affinity for nature as well as an intuitive understanding of the seasons and cycles of life. Later in her formative years, her family moved to a large urban city and this transition to the city compelled Betty to search for diverse forms of creative expression in an attempt to reconnect with the natural environment of her youth.


Betty focused on the arts at Florida State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, during which she chose metal sculpting as one of her primary art forms. She also excelled in painting, displaying a remarkably colorful, spontaneous, and totally unique style that reflected her natural impulses.


Her artwork began to represent an intriguing tension between organic earth tones and vibrant color, embracing texture. Her abstractions seemed like snapshots, conveying the story of modern experience through the primitive symbols of a universal language. Her works evolved and she began painting and exploring mixed media, adding color and life to shapes and images. Today, one sees the passion for multiple layered dimensions exhibited in her building of each art piece. Each painting holds a strong, massive textural quality. With the use of fabric and up cycled materials, she transforms fabric and collage into compositions that convey an emotion or sense of place.


In 2019, Betty and her husband found land and began building their self sustainable farm in North Georgia. Building a home and creating an artistic space for visual arts and music. In 2020 they moved from The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta GA and “Talking Tree Farm” was established as their homestead.


Lauren Betty’s art can be found in multiple private and public collections throughout the world.

October 8, 2022