Services for Interior Designers & Art Collectors
We work closely with top interior designers and art consultants to help find just the right contemporary art for clients projects. We provide art consultation and placement of original art for new homes, corporate offices, hospitality and healthcare spaces.

Virtual Installations
The process of collecting art can often involve visualizing the work in the space it is intended for. Citron Gallery offers a digital artwork placement service for artworks listed on this site. Let us help you visualize how artworks or multiple artwork will look in your home or office. By providing photos and measurement of your space, we can show you how multiple artworks will look in place to help you make an informed decisions. Please contact us to learn more about this complimentary service.

On-Site Placement and Setup
We also provide on-site art placement. Sometimes you just need to see the work in place before you know it is right for the space. We can deliver and set up several paintings for client review. The artworks may look perfect in place or just need size of color adjustments which can often lead to commissions artworks.

Commission Artworks
Our artists are mostly available for commissions. If you are looking for a particular artists works and would like to request a specific size, color palette, frame style, or subject matter, we can accommodate most requests. The process starts with artist portfolio review, direction details, sketches, review and delivery. We make sure we do everything we can to make clients and artists happy to produce the amazing results.